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The Private security services industry has seen rapid growth and is still steadily growing in the UK today. Both Business and Government, Private and Public Services regularly have to deal with fraud, close protection, Personal Security and Kidnappings to name but a few.

What is the standard for security services? Who sets it? Who has it and if you are looking to work an any area of security, how do you obtain it?

The SIA was created as a result of the Private Security Industry Act 2001.
It was set up to serve an increasing need to protect businesses, their employees, property and operations from aggressive and challenging environments. In effect it is a standard of training, a “British Kite mark” – A service benchmark of a security company.

Security Industry Authority training covers a range of different areas. From Licensing for Door and Security staff for public venues to Close Protection, and corporate security – even a wheel clamper needs to be licensed by the Security Industry Authority.

There is a steadily growing number of Security Industry Authority Licensed Companies out there that can help you with a range of issues. They provide a vast comprehensive range of various security services intended to meet the demanding scenarios of clients.


Security Industry Authority Companies will be able to help you as they will have specialists for virtually every situation, from crowd control at public events to customized close protection planning, personal protection and services, surveillance, and key holding services.

SIA security companies have specialized security teams for assessing, planning and implementing security protection packages. Their professionals are highly practiced and experienced in the monitoring and patrolling of residential and business areas. They can assist clients with electronic counter measures, route/location security surveys and carry out risk and threat assessments and protection management planning. Moreover, they have a systematic approach to assessing risk, identifying hazards and determining suitable and sufficient control measures.

SIA approved companies can provide escort drivers for your personal comfort and safety. Mobile security patrols and night time security services for everything from Banks to Building sites can be provided by SIA security companies, equipped with dog handlers and military trained dogs.

Security stewards and door supervisor service providers create a safe environment for areas and events which involve large amounts of people. If you deal with a Security Industry Authority licensed company who deals with Music Concerts and events, they will inevitably tell you that they know they have done a great job when they have not been needed to stop any trouble!

SIA security companies can also help you deal with a variety of issues that one may not initially have thought of. A Fire Protection Engineer can assess your workplace and provide a Risk Assessment, training can be provided for installation and training for staff with use of Fire Extinguishers.

SIA Licence
Another fast-growing area is the installation of and monitoring of Security Alarms.
Commercial, industrial, entertainment, public and private sectors, retail and residential markets are regularly serviced by these companies, Employment of a reputable SIA approved firm could even help bring down insurance costs.

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